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Employment Law with Karen South and Taf Sharif



Name: Karen South LLM
Title: Solicitor
Email: karen.south@kpmlegal.co.uk
Tel: 0207 404 1995

Practice Areas:

  • Civil and Commercial Litigation;
  • Employment;
  • Disputes in business or the workplace;
  • Company takeovers/acquisitions and


  • Family, matrimonial and civil partnerships;
  • Will and Probate;
  • Insolvency


Name: Ms Taf Sharif LLB (Hons)
Title: Paralegal
Email: taf.sharif@kpmlegal.co.uk

Tel: 0207 404 1995

Practice Areas:
  • Employment
  • Civil and Commercial Litigation
  • General Company Matters
  • Insolvency
  • Debt Recovery



Karen says:

“Employment law is constantly changing and adapting to keep up with modern working practices and demands.  It is an area of law that can be complicated and confusing.  The enormous number of employment compliance issues means that employers increasingly require specialist advice in order to keep up with developments.

At KPM Solicitors we have a pragmatic specialist employment team and so can offer our clients a comprehensive advisory and consultation service, covering all aspects of the modern workplace – with our proactive approach to employment law, we aim to prevent problems before they arise – and we are able to offer same-day and even out-of-hours advice where necessary.

We provide advice in the following areas:-

  • Drafting staff contracts of employment and directors service agreements
  • Dealing with redundancies and other forms of dismissals
  • Correct dismissal procedure
  • Disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • Written warning and sensitive letter drafting
  • Bringing proceedings for breach of employment contracts including applications for restraining orders
  • Health and safety obligations
  • Employee rights
  • Sexual, racial, disability discrimination
  • Data Protection legislation
  • Transfer of undertakings (mergers and takeovers) implications.

The cost to you depends on the length of time it takes to complete the work, but our time recording and billing method allows you to see exactly where you stand at any time.  You will receive regular bills, which include an itemised list of all the charges for that bill”.

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